Does your business require proper pallet format accommodations? NP Logistic has everything it takes to work with your pallets!


Our capabilities and WMS system allow us to professionally service different types of pallets (“europallet”, "american", "finca", etc.) and different cargo configurations within each type:

  • wholesale-pallet-Box-Factory-logistics


    Pallet with 1 item or with items of the same set number (SKU)

  • wholesale-pallet-Box-Factory-logistics


    Pallet with different items (SKU)

3PL range of services is divided into 2 key areas of interaction with your pallets: 

  • Goods storage in the warehouse

    Your goods are physically delivered to our warehouse, checked by quantity and quality, and registered in the WMS system. Then the goods are placed in storage until the moment when the order from your buyer arrives

  • Order processing

    When you order a mono-pallet or mixed pallet, we will prepare everything and ship/dispatch it immediately.
    The services configuration of order processing can vary (see chart below) depending on the unit size

We will provide both B2B and B2C format for both online and offline sales
Depending on the needs of your business we can work with your pallets and keep track of them in different formats using our WMS (warehouse management system):

  • lotCreated with Sketch.

    unit of measurement – pallet

    the pallet is not unpacked during delivery, storage, and shipment

  • bottle-palets-icon-01

    unit of measurement - box/piece/other formats

    Work mechanics:1) the pallet is unpacked during delivery 2) each unit of measurement in this pallet is checked by quantity and quality and also registered in the WMS system 3) for responsible storage in the warehouse all units of measurement can be:● assembled back onto the pallet and then stored in the pallet format. For shipment, we check and pack such pallets;● placed in the special cells in appropriate formats (box/piece/other). And then for dispatch, we can create, pack, and ship with these goods a new pallet according to your order, or dispatch these goods to your customers as usual orders (as in fulfilment)

How does 3PL work?


In addition to the basic 3PL operations, we offer additional services that can be useful for your business:

Artboard 20

Goods measuring

tag-shopping-shop-price-label-price tag

Goods labeling


Enclosure of advertising materials

Installation of protective clips, beads, etc.

Pre-sale preparation

Promo-packages preparation

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Registration of documents package

Non-standard packaging

Working with returns