What does fulfilment mean?

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Advanced Wikipedia reports this word originated from English «fulfilment» (exactly so, in our sphere it is correctly to use it with one letter «l» in the middle) which in translation means «execute».
Amazon became the founder of the history of fulfilment as, directly, a service, back in 1997. In our country, this term as the service itself started to gain momentum around the end of 2014 when the Ukrainian fulfilment market began to form

Fulfilment is everything that happens to the goods from the moment when the buyer (i.e. each of us) makes an order on the online store, until the moment they receive a parcel with this order directly into their hand. The whole process is provided by a professional fulfilment operator. Like us, NP Logistic!

The fulfilment operator handles the entire warehouse part of the online store business process where the goods are physically delivered to the operator`s warehouse and stored. And then, when the order is received from the online store buyer, the goods at the same warehouse are selected, the order is packed and sent to the customer for delivery:


To put it simply, it is the outsourcing of warehouse and logistics services.

To summarize, with a well-organized fulfilment operation, the owner sees his goods only on his website. But his buyer both on the website and live, when he gets the order