What is WMS?

WMS is a dedicated professional warehouse software.
Translated to English the term is defined as a «warehouse management system»

NP Logistic WMS system is very powerful and multifunctional!Since the creation of our company the system has been specially designed for the work of a large logistics operator but at the end of last year, we significantly expanded and improved its capabilities.
Millions of UAH investments in the system modernization have already significantly improved the work with customers:- reduced order processing time;- new lines of automation of operational processes were launched;- expanded item base;- simplified the process of integration with customer systems;- developed a virtual-navigation in the warehouse, etc.


Today, our WMS takes functionality into account all modern requirements and parameters of work with customers' goods. It’s a real think tank for NP Logistic that manages our huge warehouses with hundreds of thousands of commodity items
WMS system takes part in all stages of our work:

    tracks the complete cycle of each commodity item from delivery to the warehouse;
    registers and scans barcodes and helps to create a passport of the good and mark it;
    distributes in which cell (place) in the warehouse is necessary to place the goods for storage, so later the picker can easily find it during order picking;
    creates all necessary documents for the buyer (sales receipt, warranty card, consignment note, etc.);
    contains absolutely all information about our customers' goods: serial record, expiration date, delivery dates, etc.;
    integrates with any system of our customers (ARI-integration), thanks to which the customer in real-time can find out information about his stock balance in the warehouse, track the processing status and delivery of orders from his customers, control the goods delivery.

We have listed only the most important directions of WMS work. But perhaps it’s already obvious to everyone that WMS is a force! No wonder in business «software is the head»!