Answers to popular questions

In this section we collected answers to the questions about NP Logistics work, which our managers get most often:

  • Does NP Logistic correspond to NOVA POSHTA?

    NP Logistic is a part of NOVA POSHTA group.
    We provide comprehensive warehouse logistics services for business:
    - goods storage in the warehouse (in pallets, boxes, pieces, etc.);
    - order picking, packing and dispatch to customers (B2C) and distributors (B2B) of our clients

  • What cities do we work in?

    NP Logistic has 2 warehouses in Kyiv region (near Brovary), where the goods are stored and assembled.
    A company client can become a legal person or an individual entrepreneur from any place of the world who needs a warehouse in the center of Ukraine.

    Our Clients` orders:
    ●  are dispatched directly from our warehouses, where special NOVA POSHTA post offices are located, so that you will have a competitive advantage in delivery speed throughout Ukraine;
    ●  can be shipped to other delivery services

  • What do you need to become NP Logistic Client?

    Have the registration of a "legal person" or "individual entrepreneur" and sign a service contract with NP Logistic.
    Previously, our manager will definitely discuss with you contracts` requirements and tariffs

  • Is there a minimum "entry threshold" for Clients?

    There are no restrictions (minimum orders number, minimum income, etc.) for starting and further cooperation with NP Logistic

  • What goods do we work with?

    NP Logistic can work with goods of different weight categories and assortment.
    Restrictions apply only to:
    - perishable foodstuffs (frozen, fresh of 0 to +6℃);
    - ADR classification of dangerous goods.

    We work with any goods formats: pallets, boxes, pieces, etc. (packages, etc.)

  • Where will your goods be stored?

    At our class "A" professional warehouses below Brovary (Kyiv region), which have:
    - modern multi-level storage structures (shelf and mezzanine systems);
    - anti-dust floor;
    - 24/7 video surveillance;
    - fire alarm;
    - burglar alarm and surveillance;
    - modern warehouse equipment;
    - qualified staff;
    - powerful WMS - warehouse management system;
    - own NOVA POSHTA post offices.

    More about warehouses and their photos

  • What are the working hours of our warehouses?

    Both our warehouses operates according to the following schedule:● Monday-Friday from 9:00 till 21:00● Saturday from 9:00 till 17:00● Sunday – day off
    There is an opportunity of individual work mode for the Client, i.e. 24/7 schedule. All conditions are discussed at the stage of the contract draft

  • How the orders from your store are transmitted to our warehouse?

    There are 2 ways of data transmission:
    1) Excel file exchange
    2) API-integration of any your system with our WMS-system (it has many advantages: instant automatic orders transfer to the warehouse, online order processing tracking and inventory balances, etc.)

  • What services, i.e. additional, are provided by NP Logistic?

    Basic services:● fulfilment;● 3PL;● x-dock;● goods storage.
    Additional warehousing services:● goods certification;● localization (stickers with translation to the foreign goods);● fiscalisation (printing of a fiscal receipt on goods);● goods labelling (stickers with barcodes);● serial number control;● goods shelf-life control;● advertising materials attachment;● anchorage to goods protective clips, beapers, etc.;● pre-sale preparation (quality control);● paperwork for the customer;● order packing in a non-standard container;● returns work;● promo kits creation (co-packing)

  • What delivery services do we work with?

    The advantages of NOVA POSHTA delivery are that your orders are promptly dispatched to customers directly from NP Logistics warehouses. But we can ship the assembled orders to any logistics operator you work with

  • Is it possible to deliver goods to the warehouse from abroad?

    Sure. Such delivery is possible, if it is: 1) organized by you (i.e., you order your own transportation and other related services)or 2) organized by the NOVA POSHTA group (delivery via NP Global)

  • Can we arrange transportation to our warehouse?

    Sure. We organize delivery with the help of the NOVA POSHTA group (namely - through NOVA POSHTA)

  • Do we have a "personal account"?

    It is currently under development

  • How is the cost formed?

    Cost per month depends on several factors:
    1) the number of cells or areas that have been allocated for storing your goods during the month;
    2) the number of orders actually assembled during the month;
    3) the number of unloaded/loaded trucks with goods during the month;
    4) availability of additional services provided during the month (e.g., returns work, etc.).

    The contract between you and NP Logistic will display information about the prices of the company`s services and according to the results of each month a calculation will be made for the services actually provided

  • Does the loyalty program work?

    There is no loyalty program at the moment.
    All discounts are set individually, depending on the conditions of cooperation.
    If a loyalty program is created, all clients will be informed and connected to it

  • Is it possible to get an approximate miscalculation for your business?

    Sure. It is enough to contact our manager and then he will consult what information you need to provide

And we remind you that our managers are ready to answer all your questions!