Do you sell goods online? Try fulfilment from NP Logistic!We professionally pick and ship orders to your customers


We will take care of the entire warehouse part of your business sales process.
The whole fulfilment complex is divided into 2 key processes of interaction with your goods: 

  • Goods storage in the warehouse

    Your goods in any format (pallets/boxes/other) are physically delivered to our warehouse, checked by quantity and quality, registered in the WMS system. Then the goods are stored until the order from your buyer arrives

  • Order processing

    When an order is received from your customer, our staff promptly performs a number of basic operations in the shortest possible time (from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the orders number): 

  • rack


    Goods ordered by the buyer are scanned and assembled by the warehouse staff at which point they are stored

  • Picking

    Goods re-scanning and creation of necessary documents (sales receipt, etc.)

  • Control

    A careful check of the assembled order for the quality and quantity of the goods according to the buyer’s order

  • Packing

    Order is properly packed and if necessary additional goods protection is used (filler, bubble wrap, etc.)

  • Dispatch

    Creation of consignment note and transfer of the assembled order by NOVA POSHTA for further delivery. Dispatch is carried out directly from the NP Logistics warehouse which significantly speeds up delivery times to your customers while saving you transportation costs

How does fulfilment work?


Besides the basic operations of processing your orders we offer additional services that can be useful for your business:

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Goods measuring

tag-shopping-shop-price-label-price tag

Goods labeling


Enclosure of advertising materials

Installation of protective clips, beads, etc.

Pre-sale preparation

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Registration of documents package

Non-standard packaging

Working with returns