NP Logistic implements Lean project 

Lean is a trend concept of improvement worldwide

Lean is a trending concept of improvement worldwide.
The basis of this concept is the value of the company’s services for customers at each stage of their creation and provision.

It is possible to say with certainty that NP Logistic has already successfully laid the foundation of «Lean production» (Lean). The most interesting thing still lies ahead - continuous company improvement!

The Lean project started in the company in early May 2020. The first stage was the introduction to the Lean methodology, tools, and Kaizen* philosophy. A series of presentations were made for NP Logistics employees of all levels: from TOP-managers to our warehouse staff. One of the key principles of Kaizen is the creation of working teams - employees become members of corresponding «Quality Circles». Each circle has up to 8 persons - one representative from each company department. Within the framework of the Lean project, they regularly meet 1-2 times a month. At the meetings, the members of «Quality Circles» determine the losses, discuss the ways of their elimination, and find new solutions on how to improve NP Logistics workflow. During the second stage of the Lean implementation (in June), NP Logistics employees started using the 5S* tool as well. Within the framework of 5S control checks of the workplaces of all company's employees are constantly carried out. A perfect order is one of the manifestations of a real team spirit in the company. As part of Lean implementation on the territory of NP Logistics warehouses, boards with information about the project were placed as well as boxes for the company's employees to submit proposals for improving their department work and the company as a whole. NP Logistics team is constantly generating new ideas to make our service inside work even better. And here’s an example of an improvement: at the end of June we had an original warehouse transport - a new three-wheeled bicycle with a basket. It already helps our employees to move faster through the warehouse significantly speeding up the processing of customer orders. Imagine, this small bicycle can speed up to 20 km/h and carry goods in a basket with a total weight of up to 25 kg!

The first Kaizen principle is customer focus. For the company that uses Kaizen, the most important thing is that their goods or services meet all the customers' needs. Of course, NP Logistic strives to provide its customers with the best modern fulfilment services and warehouse logistics. That’s why we decided to make Kaizen our philosophy, to guide all employees in their daily work. Since the project launch the company's employees have actively joined in its implementation: we have already identified several types of losses according to Kaizen and have developed ways to eliminate them. Now together with the whole team, we are moving in this direction. The solution to losses will allow the further improvement of the processes of customer orders, purchases, and deliveries in the company while automating the workflow. Lean project is focused on increasing our company's efficiency and ensuring maximum convenience in our staff work

Andrii Nesterenko shares experience, CEO of NP Logistic

* Lean Dictionary:

  • What does Lean mean?

    Lean (from Lean production, Lean manufacturing) is a concept of enterprise management based on the constant search for the elimination of all types of losses.
    The conceptual basis is the product value for the consumer (client) at each stage of its creation. According to Lean, all enterprise activities are divided into operations and processes that add value to the consumer and operations and processes that don't add value to the consumer. 

    The planned reduction of the second group by the continuous elimination of losses, i.e. actions that consume resources but do not create value (for example, excessive movements or excessive processing steps) is the Lean philosophy’s task

  • What does Kaizen mean?

    Kaizen is a Japanese approach to improving an organization’s work. In the modern sense, Kaizen is a system of interconnected actions aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality, technology, processes, corporate culture, labor productivity, reliability, leadership, and other aspects of the company’s activities.

    The system is based on involving all employees in the improvement process - from staff to TOP managers. Each one offers small improvements on a regular basis, not for a period of time but continuously. Proposals are not limited to a specific industry such as production or marketing but cover all areas where improvements can be made. Most of them are not global but minor improvements, but that’s the point of the Kaizen system - a lot of small, minor improvements lead to significant quality improvements

  • What does 5S mean? 

    5S is a system for organizing and rationalizing the employee’s workplace according to the names of five Japanese words:  ●  seiri - «sorting»,●  seiton - «keeping order»,●  seiso - «keeping clean»,●  seiketsu - «standardization»,●  shitsuke - «habits formation»