NP Logistics multi-level mezzanine 

at 4,000 sq.m

A month ago we completed a large-scale project launched at the beginning of this year. It is the construction of a five-story mezzanine complex at one of our warehouses (BMK).
It will speed up the order processing and increase the useful warehouse area for storage our Clients' goods. 
In September the mezzanine system was fully tested and is already hosting small items (such as books, pet goods, decorative items, household chemicals, etc.)

The order processing speed and the warehouse capacity are key indicators of fulfilment efficiency. In order to achieve the best result for its clients NP Logistic organized a powerful and technological warehouse system - mezzanine (from Italian «mezzanino»), for which a part of the area (800 sq.m) was allocated in one of our warehouses.
This is a multi-tiered metal shelving structure that provides the organization of additional levels in the warehouse. It consists of a building of several floors, 24 m wide, 33 m long, 11.6 m high, connected by stairs. There are cells for goods storage and zones for forming orders are organized at each of its levels.

Mezzanine systems have many advantages both for Clients and the warehouse itself. They allow rational and very wise use of all room height. Thus, the floor storage area of 800 sq.m with the help of 5 floors transformed into a working area of 4,000 m². To put it simply, we can store five times more goods on each square meter from now.
In addition, the staff is able to process orders simultaneously at several levels with easy access to the required goods at any point of the warehouse. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the order picking speed, which is an important criterion for players of e-commerce in choosing a fulfilment operator

Andrii Nesterenko, CEO of NP Logistic

Our mezzanine system meets the most stringent technological requirements:●  floor reinforcement with point load;●  more than 200 installed video cameras (in each structure row); ●  specially equipped areas for the warehouse vehicles (reach trucks and stackers);●  lattice system of cells with free air conditioning, etc. 
In total, the mezzanine has more than 30,000 cells, each of which can withstand up to 300 kg of load. More than €1 million was invested in the project.

The rapid growth of e-commerce market is imposing new demands on logistics infrastructure and we are ready to offer our clients the most powerful opportunities in this direction. Mezzanine technology sometimes uses omnichannel retailers such as shoe salesmen, small electronics, etc. We are as a professional fulfilment operator have made this project comprehensively to satisfy the needs of modern business of any scale in high-quality warehouse logistics

Andrii Nesterenko summarizes