MSP Forum. Reloading 2020

NP Logistic participation

On September 4, an «MSP Forum. Reloading 2020» took place in UNIT city’s innovative park. Its main goal was to help small and medium-sized businesses identify prospective trends that will give new impetus to development.
The NOVA POSHTA group took part in this forum. Our CEO Andrii Nesterenko was among the speakers

The MSP Forum took place for the second time gathering more than 1,000 representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from all over Ukraine, as well as famous world-class business speakers. The organizer of the event was the Kyiv International Economic Forum. This year’s event attracted even more attention. For many companies, the coronavirus crisis has been a test of strength. It has also served as motivation for new ideas.
The event program was designed as a road map for business development and consisted of 12-panel discussions. How to go all the way from creating an idea to building a successful business, where to look for investments, how to create a brand, and take the business to a new level, how to grow during a crisis. The answers to all these exciting questions were happily shared by experienced entrepreneurs and company leaders.
Among them were representatives of the NOVA POSHTA group of companies: CEO NP Global, Yuriy Benevitskiy, and CEO of NP Logistic, Andrii Nesterenko. Their speeches focused on new proposals for scaling up a business. Yuriy focused on how to enter international markets through quality delivery, and Andrii spoke about how to concentrate on transferring the warehouse logistics routines to outsourcing professionals.

The Internet has changed our lives globally, life is increasingly moving online. We now meet our suppliers and customers primarily online and find business partners there. You can sell safely from China while sitting in Ukraine. 66% of contact points between retailers and buyers are carried out online. Five years ago, this was unimaginable, now it’s normal.  The main focus today is on sales, marketing, and communication with the customer. This is the main thing in which we invest our time, money, and effort. We have tens of thousands of square meters of warehouses and millions of euros invested in our infrastructure. By choosing NP Logistics fulfilment, customers can shift their logistics costs from fixed to variable. This allows them to correlate with sales volumes which can vary according to seasonality, during the month, and throughout the day. Today the average small business needs 100 meters of warehouse space, tomorrow - 300. Today you need 2 employees, tomorrow - 25. Fulfilment smooths all these fluctuations because you pay only for the number of resources that you really need right now. The ability to free up time for customer communication and cost optimization are the two key elements of fulfilment work. We have well-established operational processes and your customers will always receive orders in a timely manner. We offer hundreds of Ukrainian entrepreneurs the opportunity to use our infrastructure. Today, you as businessmen are creating global ideas. We offer you the opportunity to transfer routine processes to us!

quote from Andrii Nesterenko’s speech

In addition to our group’s speeches, we had direct interaction with participants at NOVA POSHTA stand.

Managers from the NOVA POSHTA group presented to the guests of the MSP Forum on how the group creates its operational synergy:
● NP Logistic;
● NP Global;
● Post Finance (NovaPay payment system).

NOVA POSHTA is a whole ecosystem that provides customers with a global and professional set of logistics and related services for life and business development!