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    Welcome to the official website of NP Logistic! I am glad to introduce you to some important facts about NP Logistic:

      It was founded in 2015
      Our company is part of the NOVA POSHTA group
      Our area of expertise is warehouse logistics
      Our Client portfolio includes international corporations and top Ukrainian companies, leaders of the e-commerce sector

    Every year, the fulfilment market, as part of the retail market, grows together with the e-commerce market in Ukraine by about 30%. We open new fulfilment centers to be able to offer a reliable integrated solution of logistics services and warehousing facilities for e-Com market players and other sales channels. 
    We are sure that our technical and technological solutions will help modern e-commerce platforms to meet all their needs related to logistics and warehousing services.
    CEO of NP Logistic Andrii Nesterenko

Our capabilities


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the total area of our warehouses


daily orders

Customers’ orders processing capacity at our fulfilment centers


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invested during 2019 in the modernization of productive capacity

We take pride in making our clients' business as efficient and successful as possible!

Today, NP Logistic is an ideal partner for a modern business because we ensure the continuous work with customers’ orders. Perfectly adjusted and tested processes, modern technological capacities, and the latest accounting systems are the mainstays of our service.
Investing large sums in production assets, infrastructure, and process engineering solutions, NP Logistic provides our Customers not only with high-quality service but also opportunities. We give you the chance to broaden the horizons of your business and expand your goods range, all while making sure that your sales are easy and profitable!

We have built-to-suit solutions for modern business:


Online stores and marketplaces


International and local distributors, offline retailers

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Catalog trade

MLM companies

Manufacturers and wholesalers

incl. importers and exporters

Our values: