How fulfilment helps business development: 

the history of Oskar-Store and NP Logistic

Today you can find plenty of information on the Internet about why it is more profitable for businesses to use ready-made fulfilment solutions than to build warehouse systems from scratch.

We decided to share our own experience - a real case when a properly constructed fulfilment operation helped the customer to establish a business

Oskar-Store, one of Germany’s largest online furniture stores, entered Ukraine in early spring, just on the eve of the global quarantine. Despite this, within a month an unknown company reached stable daily orders and continues to increase turnover. Oskar-Store is confident that the key to their successful start was competent NP Logistic fulfilment and fast delivery from NOVA POSHTA.
Oskar-Store is a well-known German furniture brand in Europe with a 15-year history and wide international representation, concise style and modern engineering solutions. The quality goods assortment and trend furniture designs on the website is also pleasantly surprise with the price.
Before launching their own website Oskar-Store did not announce their release. They decided first to work out all processes and evaluate their possibilities and prospects in Ukraine. The company trusted our sales professionals and ordered a full range of logistics and transport services from the NOVA POSHTA group:
1) NP Global supplies furniture from abroad directly to NP Logistics warehouse;
2) NP Logistic provides all necessary warehouse processing procedures:
● storage goods in the warehouse,
● picking and packing online store orders,
●  prompt transmission of assembled orders to NOVA POSHTA;
3) NOVA POSHTA delivers the goods of Oskar-Store to both couriers and to the post offices.

The Oskar-Store entered the market quite quickly, although it coincided with the beginning of the quarantine. During approximately one month the company reached a high level of 50 orders per day. At this point, Oskar-Store in Ukraine was actually a full startup! We are pleased that the customer trusted us for the first contact with the Ukrainian audience. Oskar-Store representatives are very satisfied with the result of the launch in Ukraine and we are proud to be involved in our customer’s success. The order numbers from this store are growing rapidly each day and in the coming months, it is expected to reach a new level of 500 orders daily

Andrii Nesterenko says, CEO of NP Logistic

According to him Oskar-Store highly appreciated the partnership benefits with a professional fulfilment operator. The store did not have to solve the problems independently that modern online stores typically face: finding a warehouse, investing in software and equipment, hiring staff to process orders, etc.
Outsourcing experience in logistics is common among international companies while Ukrainian e-commerce is just beginning to show an interest in this direction. NP Logistics’ goal is to show that fulfilment opens up new opportunities for business development, allowing for the resolution of many operational and economic problems.
Another important condition for productive cooperation with Oskar-Store was the home delivery provided by NOVA POSHTA.

NOVA POSHTA courier delivery is very cool! Our orders are delivered sometimes to places that even Google Maps doesn’t know about. NOVA POSHTA arrives even in the most remote corners of Ukraine, where there is no postal service at all. NOVA POSHTA couriers are real heroes because Oskar-Store customers receive orders anywhere and with integrity. Not just small parcels, it’s detachable furniture - drawers, shelves, beds, etc. In addition, thanks to the synergy between NP Logistic and NOVA POSHTA, we get the shortest delivery times - on average buyers receive their goods within 1-2 days while among furniture retailers the optimal period is about 3-7 days for overall cargo

Sergey Piskun сomments, CEO of Oskar-Store in Ukraine

The secret to this efficiency is that both NP Logistic fulfilment centers (warehouses) have their own specialized NOVA POSHTA departments. Therefore, the shipment is transferred for delivery directly from our warehouse.
If you analyze the demand for Oskar-Store goods among settlements, the German brand is the most popular in cities with a population of more than 500 thousand - 47%. The second place is precisely those small settlements, where it is difficult to reach - 24%. The advantage for the customer is that all goods presented on the website are always available in NP Logistic warehouses. Today there are more than 340 SKUs, there is a plan to increase stock by 1000 SKUs come the end of the year

We store all these and many other goods in our warehouse and then deliver to online buyers of the store