Do you need to immediately create a certain number of identical orders or quickly sort and dispatch different goods? We call it "fast flow" and we’ll make it quick and professional!


X-dock (cross-docking) includes 6 major operations:

  • Shipment goods 

    goods are delivered to our warehouse and unloaded in pallet format (mono and/or mix) 

  • Acceptance goods 

    1) goods are moved to a special cross-docking area. If necessary your goods or part of them are moved here from our warehouse where they are stored
    2) goods are accepted by quantity according to your documents for your arrival and registered in NP Logistics WMS system

  • Sorting

    goods are scanned, checked by quantity, sorted, and picked according to your order 

  • Control

    creation of the necessary documents (sales receipt, etc.) for each order and careful checking of the assembled orders by composition and quantity 

  • Packing

    orders are properly packed if necessary additional protection is provided for the goods (filler, bubble wrap, etc.) 

  • Dispatch

    creation of consignment note and transfer of the assembled orders to NOVA POSHTA department which is located directly in NP Logistics warehouse for further delivery and dispatch according to your requests. 

We will provide both B2B and B2C format of online and offline sales with the fastest order preparation timeline. Our warehouse has a dedicated cross-docking area equipped with automated assembly lines.The list of x-dock operations is very similar to the fulfilment service. The most important difference between them is that x-dock does not require your goods to be stored

How does x-dock work?


In addition to the basic x-dock operations, we offer additional services that can be useful for your business:

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Goods measuring

tag-shopping-shop-price-label-price tag

Goods labeling


Enclosure of advertising materials

Installation of protective clips, beads, etc.

Pre-sale preparation

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Registration of documents package

Promo-packages preparation

Non-standard packaging

Working with returns